Dr. Volker Ehrig

On board the CONTI ELEKTRA I found a complete Filipino crew with whom I got on with straight away. Soon, I was virtually a part of the team, whereby the steward Jerry Magdael was particularly attentive. In the two weeks away, I did not miss European cuisine. The chef Rogelio David designed the food in an excellent and well-varied way. With Captain Rogelio Daganta in particular, I discussed many topics from different cultural circles, the family and the world of work. Alongside him, other members of the crew were open and interested in conversation. Captain Daganta manages the crew with a lot of affection and sensitivity. This is also expressed in the relaxed mood of the team among themselves.

I also found a high level of motivation for the company which, for sure, must also be carefully maintained. Undoubtedly, the company must currently find itself in a struggle to maintain its challenging position in the world of cargo shipping. The insight into the working world during the two trips with CONTI ELEKTRA and HANJIN PALERMO gives me, as a shareholder, confidence in the company's success.

Land excursions were possible both in Puerto Limon, Colon (with visit of the Gatun Locks) and Santo Domingo (with a visit to the historic old town) and were all done with a feeling of security, in part thanks to a pre-selected taxi driver. On leaving the ship in San Juan, the U.S. Homeland Security had initially some problems with my status; but after a few hours of waiting patiently at Immigration, it was solved thanks to intensive cooperation between the Captain and the inspectors, who reached a mutually satisfactory outcome.

I would like to thank, in addition to the organizers at NSB, Captain Daganta for this experience on board the CONTI ELEKTRA. Perhaps there will be another opportunity to experience the world of cargo shipping, this time in Asia.

- Dr. Volker Ehrig

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