Travel with peace of conscience

Taking care of our environment gets more and more important in our daily lives. So why not also think about this topic while we are travelling? There are so many interesting and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Compared with other ways of transportation, container ships produce by far less carbon dioxide. In addition to that, it does not matter whether passengers are on board or not, so there is no extra environmental pollution. Cruise ships on the other hand only have one purpose, namely to transport passengers.

Source: Verband Deutscher Reeder

Experience at first hand our wonderful nature and be part of it. We ensure you that a journey on a vessel sensitizes everyone for our responsibility towards the environment. Apart from this aspect, a journey on a container ship allows you to experience “the discovery of slowness” – a completely new experience given our hectic and fast moving lifestyle.

Do you have time to plan a longer journey with us? Join us and witness the vastness of our oceans.

Did you know that ...?


You decide whether or not you would like to give a tip. It is up to you to determine how much you tip. If you are satisfied with the service, it is welcomed if you show this during the voyage. The Captain will gladly give you details. After consultation with the Captain, you can, for example, donate a crate of beer for a forthcoming barbeque (see “Barbeques”). The steward or cook also appreciates a tip.