All-round care

Prior to Departure

With combined air and sea travel, our service stretches far beyond the organization of the ship's passage: You can begin or end your cruise at almost every port which is accessed by our ships.

From booking the required flights to reserving hotel rooms, our department First Business Travel, which also coordinates the arrival and departure of our sailors, organizes every aspect and provides you with a completely individual travel package.

The only thing you still have to do is to pack your suitcase yourself!


On Board

You do not have to scrub the deck nor sleep in a hammock in the engine room: On board, you will find a comfortable air-conditioned outside cabin - including shower and toilet. In addition, our guests of course have access to all other areas such as the laundry room, lounge and bar.

Our vessels are equipped with a sauna, a small sea-water pool (or hot tub) and a small fitness room.

Meals are taken together with the officers in the mess. Look forward to variety on offer: German and international dishes are lovingly prepared by a Filipino chef.

Did you know that ...?

Valuables & Customs

Valuables such as jewelry, money, etc. can be entrusted to the Captain for keeping in the ship’s safe.

Foreign exchange, photos and valuables, etc. must be declared on a customs list on arrival in a port. To avoid difficulties, you should find out in advance what items have to be entered in the list in each case.

If you carry technical equipment such as a laptop or other valuables (e.g., photo equipment or expensive jewelry), please take proof of purchase and have yourself given a customs visa in your home country prior to departure in order to avoid any complications with customs and the imposition of import duties when reimporting the items.