About us

The FIRST Business Travel NSB Travel Agency GmbH in Buxtehude is a 100 percent subsidiary of REEDEREI NSB and is now one of the leading providers of global cargo ship travel. Since 1986 we offer our guests unique voyages on container ships.

We offer a choice of more than 50 modern container ships. In well-fitted cabins, you can travel to almost all destinations in the world. With a predominantly German ship management, and a Filipino crew, our ships meet the highest quality standards and, of course, all international safety regulations.

We look forward to assisting you personally in the planning and organization of your own individual journey!

Did you know that ...?

Suez and Panama Canal

It is basically not possible to embark or disembark in the Suez and Panama Canal.

All travelers passing through the Suez or Panama Canal as passengers on a cargo ship have to provide a valid certificate of yellow fever vaccination (see also “Travel documents”).

This vaccination is required by the canal authorities. Although according to WHO these vaccinations are unnecessary, other regulations apply here for cargo vessel passengers. A passenger without a vaccination certificate may be excluded from the voyage.

It may be necessary to put passengers as crew members on the crew list. Passengers must follow the Captain’s instructions.