My freighter ship voyage

Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Southampton, Zeebrugge, Beirut, Suez Canal, Jeddah, Port Kelang, Singapore, Dalian, Tianjin Xingang, Pusan - while you have to plan 84 days for this trip, we can, of course, also offer shorter round trips.

In addition, it is also possible to travel in individual stages. So you see: It's up to you where and how long you go to sea... In this section, you can get an overview of the routes as well as our ships.

Did you know that ...?

Bad weather

In a seaway, please make sure that all open doors of the ship are securely fastened on a hook, thereby avoiding any unnecessary noise and reducing the risk of injury.

Please make sure that all moveable objects are secured in the cabin or safely stowed. Make certain that sensitive items such as radios or alarm clocks are firmly secured. Even in fine weather, a seaway can occur at any time. Seating can always be secured.