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You have a good idea of the peculiarities of a voyage by freighter? You understand how embarkation and the voyage aboard proceed? And - very importantly - you know where to go and which ship you want to go on for your great voyage? Excellent: Then you will receive all the information about your booking here.

Meet the team with which you make all travel arrangements and who you will always have at your side, supplement your knowledge with the full shipboard-ABC and download the important documents on your computer. Everything is here under "Info & Booking"!




Did you know that ...?

Departure of ship

  • Cargo ship schedules can change at short notice: changes of a few hours to several days may occur. In a few exceptional cases, there may also be delays of up to two weeks.
  • The duration of berthing times in port depends on various factors, such as weather conditions, extent of loading operations or delays as a result of occupied berths.
  • Contact your travel agency to obtain confirmation of the exact arrival and departure time of the ship three days before the planned departure date.
  • Please always bear in mind that the vessel won’t wait!